People, Platform and Process

22 September 2020, Birmingham

People, Platform and Process

22 September 2020, Birmingham







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What is Manufacturing Growth Summit?

Manufacturing Growth Summit enables manufacturers to rethink every aspect of their business – linking together strategy, product, and the workforce to your wider business ecosystem.
This conference is designed to identify the most effective avenues of growth and equip you to act on them - growing your revenue, profitability, and workforce, as well as deal with the growing pains that come with business growth.
Designed for the leadership teams of manufacturers looking to increase market share, or break into new markets entirely, and thrive in today's industry.

I think this format is friendlier than just sitting and listening. I wouldn’t want to raise my hand and ask a question in front of a big audience. In this format, I feel safe enough to share and to speak. It is also easier to listen and pay attention, as well as go into more depth.

Systems Integration Manager, SEM Ltd

I’ve been to a lot of conferences before where normally you get talked at. The discussion format with the roundtables is really good because it enables people to discuss their challenges and really talk a topic all the way through to the end.

Digital Manufacturing Manager, Rolls-Royce

It is a very unique setup and I’ve never seen it before – where the industry leaders are connected together and talking about the best practices that can be applied, and the industry practices.

Henrik von Scheel, Originator of Industry 4.0

Taking the next steps for growth

How to price your products and incentivise your sales team
Discover which customer segments are the most profitable
Understand the impact digital channels will have on your customer experience
Identify, maximise and execute growth opportunities in your enterprise

Begin your growth journey today

Registration for Manufacturing Growth Summit is only open to current executives of manufacturing companies
Early-bird rate (until 31 January 2020): £195+VAT
Standard rate (from 1 February 2020): £395+VAT

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Delegates spend their time rotating between a series of 30-minute, roundtable-based conversations, each of which is exclusively-sponsored and additionally co-hosted by a world-class manufacturer.